Israel Equinox Dates
at Jerusalem Coordinates

The original Latin definition of equinox: the time of equal days and nights. For most locations on earth, it is the two days in a year when daylight and darkness are closest to being divided exactly 12 hours in length by the sun and moon. After the long nights of darkness in the winter, it is when the sun and moon divide the day so there are again 12 hours of daylight and darkness in the day for Jerusalem, Israel location which usually occurs March 16th or 17th. After the long days of sunlight in summer, it is when the sun and moon divide the day so there are again 12 hours of darkness and sunlight in the day which usually occurs September 26th or 27th. These are not the universal equinoxes for the whole earth that occur when astronomers calculate when the center of the sun crosses a man devised invisible equator that is located equal distance all around the earth between the north and south poles, and divides the earth into two hemispheres. The astronomer’s equinox dates at the equator in March usually occur on the 20th or 21st day.

By using man’s equinox dates at the equator, the appointed feasts of God can be delayed by one month in the years when the dark new moon near the date of equal daylight and darkness at Jerusalem appoints Passover to occur on the dates between the 16th and 20th day of March.

The years highlighted in yellow in the list below are the years when the date of the beginning of the dark new moon near the date of the Israel equinox date in March will appoint the “feasts” of the Lord to start one month earlier than the universal man devised equinox dates at the equator. The sun and moon were created by God to rule (ruler, dominion) over the day and night, and to divide the light from darkness, Genesis 1:18. Genesis 1:26-28 states what man was given dominion over and it is not to divide the day and night. Man can observe, record, and calculate when the sun and moon divides the light from darkness with great accuracy today.

The following list is the dates in the year when day and night are the closest to being divided exactly 12 hours in length by the sun and moon. The word (equal) after the date means there are 12 hours of sunlight and darkness in the day. The (12:01) after the date means that sunlight in March or darkness in September was recorded at 12 hours and 1 minute. The exact 12 hours of daylight or darkness would have occurred at most hours in that day.

The following information was taken from the “U.S. Naval Observatory Sun Rise/Set Table for One Year” to determine when daylight and darkness are divided by the sun and moon equal. The hours and minutes on the table are recorded in Universal Time (UT). For example: In year 2008 on the March sun Rise Set time is 0548 1748 UT which is 5:48 AM and 5:48 PM local time that most people are familiar with. The Day this occurred was the 16th. The September sun Rise Set time is 0530 1730 UT which is 5:30 AM and 5:30 PM local time. The Day this occurred was the 26th.

When daylight or darkness is divided within one minute of equal, the “Daylight or Darkness Duration Table for One Year” tell us the date when 12 hours and 1 minute (12:01) occurs. We will use the September date for year 2009 as an example. The “Duration of Darkness for 2009” is 12 hours and 1 minute (12:01) on the 27th day. The time of “Rise and Set for the Sun for 2009” on that date is 0530 1729 UT or 5:30 AM 5:29 PM local time.

Note: the coordinates used for Israel are taken from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Observer Location – Jerusalem, Israel where the first zero degree illumination of the sun on the moon is recorded for the beginning of the dark new moon.

Jerusalem Coordinates:
Longitude – E 35 degrees, 14 minutes;
Latitude – N 31 degrees, 46 minutes.
Time zone: 2 hours East of Greenwich.




200616 (equal)27 (equal)
200717 (equal)27 (equal)
200816 (equal)26 (equal)
200916 (equal)27 (12:01)
201016 (equal)27 (equal)
201117 (12:01) Passover, 17th.27 (equal)
201216 (equal)26 (equal)
201316 (equal)27 (12:01)
201416 (equal)27 (equal)
201517 (12:01)27 (equal)
201616 (equal)26 (equal)
201716 (equal)27 (12:01)
201816 (equal)27 (equal)
201917 (12:01) Passover, 19th.27 (equal)
202016 (equal)26 (equal)
202116 (equal)26 (equal)
202216 (equal)27 (equal)
202317 (12:01)27 (equal)
202416 (equal)26 (equal)
202516 (equal)26 (equal)
202616 (equal)27 (12:01)
202717 (12:01) Passover, 20th.27 (equal)
202816 (equal)26 (equal)
202916 (equal)26 (equal)
203016 (equal) Passover, 16th.27 (12:01)
203117 (12:01)27 (equal)
203216 (equal)26 (equal)
203316 (equal)26 (equal)
203416 (equal)27 (12:01)
203516 (equal)27 (equal)
203616 (equal)26 (equal)
203716 (equal)26 (equal)
203816 (equal) Passover, 18th.27 (12:01)
203916 (equal)27 (equal)
204016 (12:01)26 (equal)
204116 (equal)26 (equal)
204216 (equal)27 (12:01)
204316 (equal)27 (equal)
204416 (12:01)26 (equal)
204516 (equal)26 (equal)
204616 (equal)27 (12:01)
204716 (equal)27 (equal)
204816 (12:01)26 (equal)
204916 (equal) Passover, 16th.26 (equal)
205016 (equal)27 (12:01)
205116 (equal)27 (equal)
205216 (12:01)26 (equal)
205316 (equal)26 (equal)
205416 (equal)26 (equal)

11-20-08, Art Ryan

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